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Why I am not forgetting you.

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Why I am not forgetting you.

Why Inside depth of my heart endless love for you,

You are not with me but still I am regretting for you.

Why I am not forgetting you.

Why, while I am unconscious always dreaming for you.

When I am alone in dark night why I am screaming for you.

I travelled highway roads, I rundown on hill way roads, to escape from you.

I climbed up mountain, I dived into Dead Sea, and I walk in hot red deserts.

I go everywhere to forget you, where my memory not remembers you.

 Whatever I do I feel my heart not with me he is always follow you.

To forget you,

I drink alcohol, I smoke cigarette, and I take marijuana,

I did all these things to forget you.


Author: mylifemystuff

My intresting fields is writing poetry. Traveling and surfing on internet, i am also interested in watching wrestling and MMA,

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