Highway Drive in the evening.

Highway Drive in the evening.

Old memories in my heart, “when the Light of day gets dark”

When I kick my 750 cc motorcycle and engine gets spark.

I am on the Highway drive in the evening, flying in the sky the group of lark.

The heartbeat of sun goes down; I put my helmet on my head like a crown.

The roar of the engine goes on high.

The creature of the night flying in the sky,

Sunshine in west coast I am move on Long Black highway.

My motorcycle walking on dirt sideways,

The engine sound like thunder storm.

My Motorcycle listen the off shore ships when they blow there horn.

Cool wind blows, Long way to go, what happen next who know.

I put sunglasses on my face. Sun shine in far away in sea with golden ace.

This is the Beach highway.

Golden sun spread his  golden rays in sky, water turn in gold, sand looks gold mine.

My motorcycle break the speed  limit. at 150 speed tree on side of the coast looks very fine.

On the surface of sea water a beautifull coconut tree.

I stopped my bike and smoking a ciggratee open a beer can,

I kick my worries and feel  free.


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