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Is this lie is true truth?

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Is this lie is true truth?

Is this lie is true truth?

What I know, what I really look.

Some time in alone, I am ask question to myself who I am,

What I get, what I really took.

Red blood, broken bones

Shattered dreams, breathless pains

Exits wounds, Cold heart cry

Fire in eye, wet souls never dry

Desert storm, broken wings, how long they fly.

Half burn cigarette, unsettled matter, how long you will try

The matter of fact is? Who will stake?  Who will fake?

What will take your bloody mistake?

Me and my mistakes my misbehaves,

These make me wrong,

Your small arms hold me how long.

Your big heart prison stops me from escape how long.

You know me, how I know you?

Some time your love makes me weak, some time makes strong.

My memories missing you always in day & nights.

But how long?

I Know this is the moment of truth.

Is this lie is ‘True’ Truth?


Author: mylifemystuff

My intresting fields is writing poetry. Traveling and surfing on internet, i am also interested in watching wrestling and MMA,

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