A Vacation Can Save Your Marriage…In India

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Divorce travel has, somewhat ironically, arrived in India. Ironically, because about one in one hundred marriages fail in India, compared to about half of marriages in the United States. Just the same, KV Tours and Travels have started offering packages designed to stop their customers from getting divorced.

Targeting near-break-up couples whose families are worried about the relationship—to the point where the family members might pay for the couple’s vacation—KV Tours also arranges a qualified marriage counselor to accompany the couple on the trip. We hope they’ve figured out that three can be a crowd, though.

Depending on the budget, near-divorce couples might head to the Indian hills for a week (for around 35,000 Rupees, or $720) or head abroad to somewhere more exotic. The important part is, apparently, that they go somewhere they’ve never been before, and that they’re far away from their family. Which sounds like good advice for any kind of vacation, really.


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