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I was on the Indian national highway when I saw a nice and foggy wheat plantation. Stopped the car and took few shots. This local boy riding his bike suddenly caught my attention. Pointed my camera at him and took the shot.

Altiplano, Bolivia

Photo: A biker at a fork in the road on the plains of Southern Bolivia

This photo was taken at 4,000 meters above sea level on the high plains of southern Bolivia. In 2009-2010, I did a trip of a lifetime and cycled 12,500 kilometers across South America for one year. This photo means a lot to me and is a symbol of making a choice in life.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Sharp colors and neat lines in Utrecht, a biker’s paradise

Antigua Guatemala

Very early, when the day awakes, a boy goes to school by bike in Antigua Guatemala.

Ngong Hills, Kenya

A Maasai is riding his bike over the Ngong Hills.

Fano, Italy

This is a long exposure (60 seconds). The location is Fano, Italy.

Suzhou, China

Walking along one of the many canals in the ancient city of Suzhou, a stall worker mounts her bike for her commute home, creating a pleasing silhouette set against bold Chinese writing and illuminations on a centuries-old dwelling. Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

Ladakh, India

This lone cyclist was seen near the Nakeela pass in Ladakh, India, at a height of 16,250 feet (4,950 meters). He told me that he is on a bicycle expedition from Manali to Leh. In a day they can cover about 50 kilometers of the treacherous journey comprising of high passes, rarefied air, lack of oxygen, and unpredictable and hostile weather. For the spirit of adventure they undergo these hardships.

Amsterdam, Netherland


This image really reflects my impression of Amsterdam. Almost everyone travels by bicycle along beautiful brick streets. The architecture is amazing. The houses are so old they are crooked, yet inside most homes have been remodeled with amazing Dutch modern design. Although the vintage Citroen car is French, it’s very popular in the Netherlands.


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