Honeymoon in the Mountains

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Honeymoon in the Mountains

Adventure Lover Couple

Ideal for couples who are adventurous and love the cool place. Climbed mountains, went through the inland together, into areas that have not been visited by many tourists, enjoying the beautiful nature at will, make love in the outdoors under the stars … how exciting!

Packing and Dressing Tips:

  • * Choose a suitcase or travel bag with wheels and handles are flexible for your convenience, especially on the uphill road.
  • * Choose a suitcase or traveling bag of strong materials, such as a parachute or a thick canvas material.
  • * Reduce the light color of clothing because of dirty quickly. But that does not mean you should not bring a white color at all, because white will make you look more refreshed.
  • * Who says the mountain can not look beautiful? Clothing with a slight accent sequins or glitter of luxury can be very interesting.
  • * Especially for a coat or jacket, choose a dark-colored, to be easily combined and match.
  • * Do not forget to bring a scarf to warm your neck.
  • * Choose clothing from materials that do not wrinkle, like T-shirts, knit or stretch cotton.
  • * Choose a gown of warm material.
  • * The underwear of shirt material is a wise choice.
  • * If you want to climb the mountain, bring your hiking shoes.
  • * If you want to travel all day, bring a bag that is large enough to load your luggage.
  • * Do not forget to bring a coin purse or small bag to store money and important documents.

* Choose accessories that are lightweight and seem natura

Fill in your makeup bag!

  • * Bring toiletries in small sizes to be more practical.
  • * Select the make-up is compact and includes lipstick, eye shadow, powder, and blush in one palette.
  • * Fragrances are warm, fresh, and natural product may be an option

Compulsory treatment:

The cool mountain weather and tends to dry you need a product that makes creamier and gives moisture to the skin.

  • * Do not forget to use sunscreen to protect skin from sun damage. Immortelle Very Precious Fluid SPF 40 from L’Occitane contains a moisturizer that will protect the skin from ultraviolet light while maintaining moisture levels.
  • * For body, use Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream, creamy moisturizer that has a thicker texture and richer, making it suitable to be used in cold mountainous regions.
  • * To maintain moisture and softness of the lips and prevent chapped, Shea Butter Lip Balm with a creamy texture that protects the aunt of the influence of cold weather tends to dry.
  • * Use a shampoo and conditioner hair that can withstand moisture, such as Ultra Rich Ultra Rich Hair Shampoo and Hair Conditioner.

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