The Beautiful ideas for Romantic Wedding

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Romantic weeding

Words and promise of the holy aura of romantic radiance scattered in the air, to witness the union of two beings in a sacred bond: the wedding. Which couples do not want a romantic wedding ceremony, which will make everyone impressed? Forget the notion that a romantic wedding ceremony attended by invitation only be limited. You can still invite all guests who enter the invitation list, what is important is the romantic idea that comes from your own creations.

Here we give some romantic ideas that you can copy:

Sunset Outdoor Wedding

Nothing is more romantic than an outdoor wedding, background sunset, sky umbrella with reddish orange, not only gives an impression and a magical atmosphere, but also conservation of nature and peace.

Beach Wedding

Married in the Bahamas could be an option. Romantic indeed, held a wedding party floated the solemn sound of the waves. But in addition to expensive, not everyone can attend your wedding. There are several options that are not less interesting and romantic, in Senggigi Beach with pure white sand beaches on the island of Lombok, or simply in the Thousand Islands are not far from the city.

Ice Hotel Wedding

try this new trend. Getting married in the middle of the ice lump, but still impressed luxurious, elegant and prestigious, because the ceremony was held still in the loop hotel. Unfortunately this hotel that provides a new facility in Quebec, Canada and Finland alone.

Dawn Wedding

As the name implies, the wedding ceremony took place just as the sun emits a new light. Somewhat unusual indeed, but instead this moment the most thrilling to hold a wedding ceremony. Imagine, starting something sacred to coincide with the start of a new life. The downside, besides no good for the kids, it takes a very mature planning to roll out this type of event.


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