Travel india with spacial tours

See: The light in other places: the shimmer of gold brocaded saris worn by women of Benares, the bursting colors of caps turbaned farmers of Rajasthan, the shimmering of a sunset over the Himalayas … Listen: The rumor of a chant rising from a Hindu shrine at the time of the service, the voice of the bards sang powerfully stamped the panegyrics of their masters in a princely fortress-garden of Rajasthan. The wind rushing through the arches of an old abandoned city in the plant kingdom, Hampi, Mandu and Burhanpur. Smell: The scent of spices, so evocative of those flourishing shores of South India and Sri Lanka. The strings of jasmine, freshly picked in the morning, that women are formed or deposited in the hair as an offering on the altar of the gods. Taste: The fruit (apricots, apples, grapes …) growing in orchards altitude of Ladakh and the Himalayan foothills, the juice of a freshly squeezed mango, the mile and a sapidités teas from Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri, as rich and subtle than those spices. Touch: The softness of silk, the contact smooth and refreshing marble of church and secular buildings, the rough skin of an elephant and striped … And like a sixth sense: the spirituality that goes everywhere the traveler wandering the roads of South Asia, awakening sensitivity to secrets a great civilization.


Find the best holidays across India’s most exciting destinations from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and everything in between. Experience vibrant cultures, glorious splendours and little corners of heaven as you travel. Choose from a wide range of destinations and discover the best of India.

RAJASTHAN, LAND of KINGS (11 days / 10 nights)

Rajasthan,” ”’ land of princes, is probably one of the most fascinating states of the Indian Union. In this land of contrasts combining desert plains and green valleys, wildlife refuges tiger and peacock, two animals emblematic of this land of legends, the memory still lingers of maharajas and refinement of their courses. Staying in a palace in Rajasthan …

AMAZING PLACES in RAJASTHAN (15 days / 14 nights)

A complete circuit and contrasted this land of legends taking you to discover the main ex-royal cities of Rajasthan, bastions of caste Rajput princes of chivalry: the “blue city” to the “Pink City”, Jodhpur and Jaipur, through the bazaars of the “City of Dawn”, Udaipur and Jaisalmer, the desert citadel: many colors, fragrances, men, and component architectures table of the rich “countries of the prince.” ..

INDIA-NEPAL TRAVEL  (10 days / 9 nights)

This trip combines the wonders of North India and Nepal, impregnable fortresses and magnificent palaces of Rajasthan, delicate Mughal mausoleums, and architectural treasures like Buddhist Hindu gathered in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley. A trip to the measure of the diversity of the Indian subcontinent …

A circuit inviting you to sources of Indian civilization, on the road of great shrines Tamil – real “cities within a city” and the courtyard wing Hindu tradition – leads to the lagoons fringed by palm trees and paddy fields of Kerala backwaters . But the Dravidian India is of course …


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