ESP-based wireless communication Telepathy

What Is Telepathy ?


telepathy [ < Greek têle (far away) + patheia (perception or feeling; < to be affected by)] Causing someone to think or feel something by use of one’s mind; communication using means beyond the standard physical senses.


Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?…

Telepathy is about communicating mind-to-mind, getting someone to feel or think or ‘hear’ something from far away, without the use of sounds or symbols or anything else but bare thought. There are several types of telepathic activity :

  1. telepathic impression (planting an message, image, or word into someone else’s mind),
  2. mind reading (copying or sensing, but not interfering with, what’s going on in someone else’s mind),
  3. mental communication (a wireless phone of the mind, but without the bills),
  4. mind control (actually commanding or compelling the thoughts, and thus the actions, of another person through telepathy). Mind control is a separate subject for another page.

If telepathic ability does exist in all or even some of us, could it be that God has turned it off for our own good? Could it be that we’re to relate to each other based on trust, cooperation, and love rather than by the knowledge of how to read minds or the power of directly planting thoughts? And what happens to symbolism, visual art, literature, and the art of speech or broadcast, once the mind can go straight to what the artist is conveying?

The truth is, there’s no credible evidence that a mind can be made to take action by way of projecting thoughts into someone. Even the most fully telepathy-friendly of studies show at most the ability to cause in someone a sense of unease or nervousness. Most studies show that telepathy can’t put into anyone’s mind an impression that acts as a command or suggestion, nor any communication that can be understood. Nor is there any credible evidence for mind reading, or copying from a mind. If you believe that there’s a realm transcending the material, measurable world (as I do), then science does not fully resolve the question. And it takes more than mere science to understand what it would really mean if some form or level of telepathy really exists. Or, what it tells us about ourselves if we think it exists when it doesn’t, or the other way around.



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