Get Rid of Depression, Stress and Anxiety, Boost Your Self -esteem, and Get Your Confidence Back

Free Mind

There are many things that can make you feel depressed-whether it is a dryer that isn’t working, a cloth that does not fit, or in extreme cases, frustration at not being able to please your boss. These all vary. But

  there is something you can do about them and get the feelgood hormones coursing through you, and making you not only happy, but instantly attractive to people. 
These tips and nuggets will come in handy in one place or another. I recommend you print it out and paste it on your door, office, give it to your friends, at home, in the bathroom; anywhere you spend much of your time!
1. Know what you like. You can do this effectively by trying the following exercise:
Write down five things you like about someone you admire (you can choose a relative, friend, celebrity, colleague), then one thing you dislike about them.
Next, pick someone you dislike. Write down five things you dislike about the (this is usually quite hard to do) and one thing you do like about them
Now, turn your thoughts to yourself. Write down one thing you dislike about yourself. Afterwards, write down five things you really do like about yourself. The exercise helps train the mind to focus on what’s good about you, not what’s bad.
2. Eat a banana. Did you know that foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, encourage feelings of wellbeing and cheerfulness?
3. Don’t let your bum and thighs get you gown-invest in some body-changing underwear. Even Gwyneth Paltrow felt the need for some post-pregnancy body confidence and swore by her Spanx Power panties.
4. If you have a nagging voice in your head constantly putting you down, give in to it. Sit quietly for as long as it takes to listen to all that self-criticism until you’re so bored you switch off.
5. Use flower power. A few drops of a flower remedy in water can help balance negative emotions. Try Larch if you are feeling inferior, Gorse if you are feeling hopeless, Crap-apple if you have a poor self-image or Cerato if you doubt your own ability to judge situations.

6. Write down what you dislike about yourself, then burn the piece of paper and watch it disappear. It’s a symbolic gesture, but very effective.
7. Dance the stress away. Find the time and space to dance alone for a few minutes each day. It releases angst from the day and will leave you feeling better about

8. Open a window in your room as bringing fresh air into your room is a wonderfully simple way to revitalize the way you feel.
9. Try a new style. Leave your credit cards and cash at home. Spend an afternoon trying on clothes you never normally buy. It works wonders to see how glamorous you look..

10. Have a bath. Love the way your body feels when you soak in an indulgent treatment.

11. When you are feeling at an all-time low, remember the old Zen saying, “Only an empty bowl can be filled.”; it means that the moment you feel you have nothing left is the moment when growth and progress become inevitable. Think of the potential!

12. Keep a journal. Recording your daily ups and downs will help you to let go of emotional upsets and move on. Journalizing helps challenge the beliefs you’ve held since early childhood, which are often the cause of low self-esteem.

13. if you’re filled with doubt about how well you are doing at work, think back to your very first day on the job, and realize just how experienced and accomplished you have become.

14. Use visualization to reduce negative thinking and instill a new confidence in your capabilities. Practice first seeing yourself on your last enjoyable holiday-immerse yourself in the happy scenes.

15. Surround yourself with people like you. Self-esteem always ebbs away around people you’re not comfortable with. Meet like-minded people by changing jobs, joining a club or signing up for an adult education class or course.

16. Tune into your creativity. Use a Sue Fisher-Hendry meditation CD to find a new you.

17. Call your mum or failing that, your best friend, and fill her in on everything that’s going on in your life. Focus on all the good things. He/ She’s sure to tell you how proud he/ she is.

18. Tackle your image and give yourself the Trinny and Susannah treatment- without the public humiliation. How you look really does make a difference, even if you feel okay inside.
19. Use a feelgood trigger. Think of the word that describes you at your best -‘carefree’, ‘efficient’, or ‘witty’, for example. If you have trouble thinking good about yourself, remember the

  last compliment you received. Use this word to conjure up that good feeling you about yourself whenever you need it the most.
20. Make the most of your senses. Inhale ‘Rainforest Remedies Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil’, which is a classic mood booster. Put some in a spray container and squirt it around your room. It’s better for the environment and your mood than a standard air freshener.


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