Shambhavi Mudra –A Powerful Meditation Technique

I am fortunate and you are fortunate also, that we are getting to know this technique.

Shambhavi Mudra

If you never knew this understand it now, this technique is capable to explore the real you.

Shambhavi Mudra happens when inner world, outer word, left-brain & right-brain merge all-together. Before understanding this mudra few things need to be understood.

  • Internal vision: this is the vision of feeling, suppose I tell you to close your eyes and see your heart – in that case your internal vision will manifest.
  • External vision: this is the vision of our two eyes.
  • Eyes: our each eye is connected to each brain, e.g., left eye to right brain and right eye to left brain.

Shambhavi Mudra Technique –

“Look at the tip of nose with external vision, at the same time look between the eye-brows with internal vision.”

Correlation of this technique –

I took this technique from an Upanishad, but the exact technique also mentioned in the famous book “The Secret of Golden Flower”.

Eyes position while doing Shambhavi Mudra –

The Upanishad says three positions – closed eyes, half opened eyes and fully opened eyes. But half opened eyes look more suitable in the beginning. Closed eyes and fully opened eyes are good when this technique gets its perfection.

The Book “The Secret of Golden Flower” also advocates the half opened eyes; it tells amazing facts regarding this. It says closed eyes represent anima and fully opened eyes represent animus, or better understand that anima is feminine energy and animus is male energy. And with half opened eyes both energy get balanced.


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