Global intelligence Global Telepathy

Mental telepathy seems to occur in two distinct patterns, depending on whether the sender and receiver are within sight of each other. The first type of mental telepathy, and that which seems to occur most often, is called ‘global telepathy’. In this pattern, the subjects are not within sight of each other, and usually a picture, impression, or feeling is received by one party. The distance in this pattern does not seem to be a factor. Data shows global telepathy has occurred from those who were several streets apart, to those who were half way around the world.

Global telepathy appears to transfer thoughts on the spiritual plane, for the feelings one had while picking up the thoughts were often described as being similar to a ‘religious experience’. Since the communication appears to travel the speed of light, we can assume light is the medium on which these impulses travel. Also, since these experiences were also accompanied by an accurate “pictures” of the circumstance the sender was going through, light then would be a necessary factor to transfer and see, these “visual images”.

Besides the image of the circumstance being “seen”, many of the “messages” received also gave one strong impressions, or feelings. Quite often these were described as a ‘religious experience’, or of having a “dream” while being awake. This would indicate the spiritual body uses the same processes to deliver telepathic experience as it does to communicate the dreams we have at night.

One interesting example of this “spiritual” type message in global telepathy was that of two brothers who were merchant ship captains in the Pacific ocean just prior to World War 1. One brother described he was overcome by a strange, unexplained feeling to go into his cabin. He arrived just in time to see a ghost like hand write the name of his brother’s ship in the air, just above his bed. So moved by the experience, he took his map and calculated where his brother’s ship should be on it’s route, and changed course to that location. Two days later he found his brother, in a life boat with what crew remained. The ship had been carrying munitions, and a small fire ignited the cargo, the resulting explosion sinking his ship in minutes.


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