Mental Telepathy and The Third Eye

The main reason our mental telepathic powers of communication are not known to us (or used) basically lies in the fact that we are not taught about them. There has been many accounts describing the occurrence of mental telepathy throughout history, and it was originally described as the power of the “third eye” – which humanity later altered to describe seeing elements in the spiritual world. Modern studies and tests have verified that telepathy exists not only in the human, but also in the animal, and plant kingdoms!. These examples of telepathy in other kingdoms we will look at later in the series, but first let us cover the historical data and evidence concerning telepathy.

As far back as 4,000 BC in Egypt and in Mesopotamia there have been descriptions of mental telepathy -some real, and many faked. The questionable accounts are easy to disregard, since these appeared as many of the “mind reading” acts one can see at a circus or carnival today. The “reader” did not actually see the thought of an individual at a particular moment, but usually claimed to “read” something ABOUT the individual by “looking” into their mind (which of course, only revealed a fact about the individual that could be easily found out by earlier questioning)

Many of the legitimate historical accounts sound like the one you hear about today. One case, a hysterical Greek woman around 340 BC, claims she “saw” the death of her brother in a “daydream”. Months later the town find out he did indeed die on that day – in battle in a far off land. Many of these accounts had witnesses, or we can see from the technology of the time that these individuals had no other means to learn such news so quickly, so therefore would be difficult to fake.

Nearly all documented accounts of mental telepathy involved relatives, and communication between those of similar ages seem significant. Telepathy happened most often among identical twins (68%), followed by brothers/sisters less than 5 years apart (13%), then with brothers/sisters more than 5 years apart (9%), then other relatives (mother/daughter, grandfather/grandchild, etc.) (6%), then finally married couples and close friends (and with higher occurrence of friends the same age) (3%). Less than 1% of experiences were with distant friends, strangers, and – yes – even aliens.


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