The Science Behind Mantras

In reality, the power of mantra is generated by a persons mind when mind is continuously fixed on a mantra by chanting and focusing on it again and again..

Its like, mantra is a specific frequency.. like for FM radio 102.6 Hertz is frequency, now this frequency number in itself is not much… but it is the chosen set point for the broadcaster to send its signal… and the chosen set point at which the receiver must tune his receiving device, one that is done, all advantages can be gained.

The Benefits of Mantra Chanting : 

A) Physical
The Vibrations stimulate and re-juvinate efficiency the Nadi System (Nervous and Veins Systems)
Mantras release the blocks in Nadi System.
Mantras increases self sustainable ability of Nadi System.
Mantra Japa cures Many Diseases.

B) Mental
Mantra Japa purifies the heart.
Mantra Japa Removes Delusion & Ignorance.
Mantra Japa Destroys the Shadripus(Six Enemies).
Mantra Japa Scorches the Samskaras which are deep rooted.
Mantra Japa Makes us Fearless.
Mantra Japa gives Supreme Peace.
Mantra Japa annihilates Attachment.

c) Wordly
Mantra Japa forces gods and universe to mend unfavourable fate and manifest your wishes
Mantra Japa fulfills All Desires.
Mantra Japa Gives Health,Wealth,Fame,Long Life,Strength Of mind & body.

d) Spiritual
Mantra Japa Burns our past sins even of Previous Births.
Mantra Japa Awakens the Kundalini Shakti.
Mantra Japa Gives siddhis & Occult Powers.
Mantra Japa Manifest The Ishta Devta in Front Of You.
Mantra Japa Destroys the cycle of births & deaths.


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