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The Spiritual Practice using Mantras develop Inner Peace

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The Sanskrit Word Mantra comes from the root word Mana which means Mind, hence mantra chanting means a mental force. So mantra yoga is path of mental force.

The Vedic Shastras say, On can attain state of Yoga by means of Mantra also, and this method is called Mantra Yoga. As essentially goal of yoga is to go beyond mind.

Infact, the whole Vedas are said to a collection of Special Mantras and Hymns only.

Mantra Sadhna in itself can be used for mantra yoga… but other material purposes also, because utmost potential of “Antash-chetna”, “Inner conscious” of mind is infinite.

However one must remember, Mantra Sadhna is called a “kalisht Sadhna”, mean a very difficult spiritual practice. Out of all the paths of Yoga, Mantra Yoga is said to be the most difficult, the most rigorous one, this requires maximum discipline and whole hearted dedication. A half-hearted, weak will powered person can never dream to success in this path.

Still, if the effort is great, then the reward is also great!

The biggest advantage of Mantra Sadhna can be said to be the flexibility in use of your achievements through this. You can consciously, willfully control every aspect of your life! It may be physical, financial, social, emotional or even spiritual.


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