Colour perception Know about yourself with your Favorite Colour

Colour perception is a matter for the mind, not the eye.

• Main Characteristics: Purity, Truth, Victory, Bravery
• Months This Colour Represents: Early January to Mid January
• Personality Type: You’re a truthful person and hate to hide things. You have very strong opinions and care a lot about other people around you. You love to help others solve their problems and have a bright and cheery outlook on life. It’s hard to make you angry because you have a lot of patience! Since white is the presence of all colour, it represents re-birth and rules only for a short time as a new year begins!

• Main Characteristics: Passion, Heat, Strength, Power
• Months This Colour Rules: Mid January to Mid February
• Personality Type: If you like this colour and/or born under the months ruled by it, you have a very strong and heated personality. You have a bad temper and get passionate about things. When in groups you like to be the person in charge.

• Main Characteristics: Love, Friendship, Adorable, Happiness
• Months This Colour Rules: Mid February to April
• Personality Type: You have a very happy and open personality and are easy to talk to. You have a strong and caring bond with your friends and would do anything to make sure they’re happy. When getting involved with someone, you hate to keep secrets and you love cute things like pets and teddy bears.

• Main Characteristics: Royalty, Respect, Dignity, Judgement
• Months This Colour Rules: April to Mid May
• Personality Type: You have a very closed personality and you expect to be given a lot of respect by your friends. You like to analyze every fact before making a decision and you hate it when people disrespect you and disregard advice or help you give them.

• Main Characteristics: Calm, Serenity, Peaceful, Wise
• Months This Colour Rules: Mid May to July
• Personality Type: You have a strong will and are a calm individual. You think things through before making a decision and give good advice to others. You are a quiet person that likes to do things on your own and you enjoy studying (sometimes). You tend have high expectations in the work you do.

• Main Characteristics: Wild, Maturity, Vibrant, Deep Thought
• Months This Colour Rules: July to Mid August
• Personality Type: You hate being bossed around and following orders. You prefer to do things on your and follow your own rules. Green is the colour of growing things so green represents maturity. You enjoy being wild and free but you always think about the outcome of your actions and make responsible decisions.

• Main Characteristics: Life, Radiance, Beauty, Kindness
• Months This Colour Rules: Mid August to October
• Personality Type: You have a sunny personality and love life! You’re a kind person and enjoy helping others with their problems. You always make people smile with your great jokes and caring attitude.

• Main Characteristics: Triumph, Brightness, Foolishness, Change
• Months This Colour Rules: October to Mid November
• Personality Type: You have a colourful outlook on life and like to get your way. Sometimes you can be stubborn and hard to talk to and because this colour is associated with fall, your mood is always changing and you’re often unpredictable.

• Main Characteristics: Silence, End, Guidance, Depth
• Months This Colour Represents: Mid November to January
• Personality Type: You have a very silent personality and keep to yourself. You hide your emotions and only let the people you really trust know your true self. You don’t like to hang out in large groups and prefer to do things alone. Because black is the absence of all colour, it represents the end and rules as each year comes to a close.



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