Meditation With Colours Highly Effecitive Way to Discover Self

Different colours have long been allocated different properties. Certain
colours have been shown to have a physiological effect on the body. In
this meditation, you can use the associated benefits of particular
colours to boost your immune system and aid recovery.

Meditation can be described as the art of relaxing your body and quieting your mind. More simply, it is a state of expanded consciousness. Take this time to calm your mind, holding your attention to one color. The scale of visible light begins at red and ends in blue. Red evokes passion. Blue pacifies us. In between, live the infinite shades of truth and wisdom. Take a moment to clearly attune to and visualize this color.

It is the property of light. It is the ability to receive the vibrations of the light through the eyes. It is the most attenuated form of energy. When we see color, we are experiencing those vibrations that are being reflected to us. The other vibrations are being absorbed so that we don’t see them.

Colour is all around us. We are bathed in it everywhere, but if we are unaware of it and unconscious of its influence, its wealth is not properly utilized.

Colour Meditation Explained

• Material Body: visualize Red
• Astral Body: visualize Orange
• Mental Body: visualize Yellow
• Causal Body: visualize Green
• Buddhic Body: visualize Blue
• Athmic Body: visualize Dark blue

• Red, use this colour to dispel selfishness, aggression and anger. The positive focus is courage, anticipation, enthusiasm and excitement. It is the thermal colour. It is the element of fire. It is the warmest of all colors. It increases circulation, vitality, energy and warmth in the tissues. It stimulates and tones up the nervous system. Use this color if you feel depressed, lost, or detached from the everyday. Also, used for gastro-intestinal problems.

• The colour Violet will dispels frustration, criticism and lack of self worth, it enforces the intuition, responsibility and develops self worth. Used to treat severe mental disorder, and psychic/spiritual detachment. Can manifest with hallucinations and headaches/eye problems.
• Yellow will dispel judgement, criticism and the inability to enjoy life. It will enforce optimism, joy and newness to life. Yellow stimulates the third chakram or solar plexus, the great brain of nervous system. If you suffer from over-all weakness of the body, stomach problems, balance, or feel incomplete, use this color.

• Meditating with blue will induce trust and decisiveness in your life, it will dispel weak willed or easily led traits in the nature. The blue ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world. It is cooling and soothing colour. Sore throats and heartburn, trouble with relaying thoughts, and being uncommunicative can be treated with blue. I also use blue as a general healing color, and for work with the lymphatic system, and immune system.

• Orange, the colour of forgiveness and freedom, this colour dispels hate, bitterness and your own self dislikes. Use this color for work on your sex drive, reproductive organs, and if you feel your personality has gone through some changes, and you would like to maintain the previous.

• Meditation with the colour white produces qualities of perfection, truth, love and wholeness. This colour is a very pure colour and will help balance all negative traits and attitudes. White is the combination of seven visible colours or the rainbow. Sunlight has been in use for healing since ages.

• Green is the colour of love and caring, it dispels jealousy, possessiveness and insecurity. Green is the colour of nature. It is neither hot nor cold and neither acidic nor alkaline. It is the middle color of the spectrum. If you have trouble with repressing your emotions, need improvement with empathy, if mood swings and temper and depression are prevalent, or if you have trouble with your lungs, and heart, use green.

Turquoise / Indigo
• Enhances powers of communication. Indigo – Headaches, problems with sight, and emotionally, problems with detaching from reality, and a loss of spirituality are treated with indigo. Also, used for treating mental disorders.

• Unconditional love which enhances your ability to love and to be loved unconditionally. In meditation or dreams represents self-love, also resurrection. The color of flesh, of sensuality and emotion, romantic love, and supportive love.

• A soft blend of pink and gold, brings softness and a blend of the qualities of both colours. In meditation or dreams represents self-love, also resurrection. The color of flesh, of sensuality and emotion, romantic love, and supportive love.

• Heightens awareness, enlightenment, inspiration, spirituality. Purple or indigo in a dream or meditation signals some kind of psychic power or ability or some kind of psychic force.
• Purity and peace. Meditation Dream:Truth of the highest order. Enlightenment. Energy in its most pure form. Divinity.

• A high spiritual link, pure spirit, linking with high entities/teachings. Silver relates to the moon, the subconscious, and the female aspect of the universe.

• An angelic link, high spiritual qualities, reaching towards perfection, the Ultimate Reality. vinity transforming lower energy to upper energy. Spiritual power in all aspects operating for the greater good.

Grey in a dream or meditation signals excessive energy being burnt off. it is also a lifting of intense fear or some life-threatening situation.

In the shinny black variety it is a closing in of energy and resource to protect ones self. The velvet or shinny black is not a negative color to get in a meditation, especially if you are feeling burnt out. A velvet black light opens up the Aura so that it can accept higher colors.


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