Control Your Anger With Yoga

Here are some yoga tips which when practiced can help you to control your anger:

Yoga helps us to focus and helps us to think on the main causes of anger and diverts our attention away from it. Yoga also helps to suppress our anger by teaching us the art of controlling the causes and effects of a particular situation in a simultaneous manner. Here are some yoga techniques which will help you to control anger.

Practice the art of Pranayama: Breathe deeply and then exhale. Practice this several times and see how it helps you to calm down and control your anger. However, while doing this, imagine a blue light in front of your eyes and relax your shoulders. Breathe and then count until three and then exhale through the mouth. Imagine the blue light every time you exhale and feel that it is taking away the anger every time you exhale. This will help you to get rid of anger.

Practice Urdhva Padmasana in Shirsana: Sit in Shirsana and then stretch your thighs high up in the air. Be in this position for about 60 seconds and breathe normally. Now change the position of the shirsana and be in this position also for around 60 seconds and then stretch your thighs in the backward direction. Remember, while practicing urdhva padmasana in Shirsana see to it that you don’t change the position of your neck or head while you extend your thighs up in the air.

Practice mouna: The other way through which you can keep anger at bay is to practice ‘mouna’ or silence. If you are caught in a situation which has made you angry then it is better to keep quiet and to avoid any kind of speech. Slowly, you will learn to keep quiet in anger situations which ultimately will also reduce your anger.

These were some of the yoga techniques to control anger. Practice these daily and bring down your anger levels in a gradual manner.


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