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Bhujangasana Yoga With Nature


Nature is the best teacher. You just need to observe and learn from it. When a cat wakes up, it stretches its back upwards. The same pose gives flexibility to the spine, strengthens the joints of wrist and shoulders; improves digestion; massages the digestive system and tones the abdomen as well.


Word “Bhujanga” means Snake or Cobra. A motivation behind this Asana is Bhujanga, that is, a cobra. This asana brings more flexibility to the upper back; it tones, massages the back muscles and abdominal organs; this posture rejuvenates the spine and expands the chest area.

Each of the creations of the nature have so much we can learn from them. So, go on, don’t hesitate: Roar like a lion, Stretch like a dog, Become a beautiful tree or a majestic mountain. All in the name of yoga.


Author: mylifemystuff

My intresting fields is writing poetry. Traveling and surfing on internet, i am also interested in watching wrestling and MMA,

3 thoughts on “Bhujangasana Yoga With Nature

  1. Or maybe sit down like a human being and type stuff! (just kidding – it’s just that we seem to be almost the least inspiring members of the animal kingdom)

  2. thanks for liking my Back to India post…and for these lovely words of yours:
    “Roar like a lion, Stretch like a dog, Become a beautiful tree or a majestic mountain”.
    looking forward to doing my yoga practice on my rooftop in India in just a few months!! Hare Om!

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