Bhadrasana help to ease childbirth and help prostate and urinary tract health


Auspicious, or bhadrasana, is a meditation pose that stretches your groin area and helps open your hips. It is said to ease childbirth and help prostate and urinary tract health

Practice of  Bhadrasana

  1. Sit with your legs spread out.
  2. Bring both feet together and join the soles of your feet.
  3. Bring both heels as close as possible to the body.
  4. Try to touch the knees on the floor.
  5. Keep the head, neck and spine in one straight line, keep abdomen comfortably drawn in.
  6. Observe your breathing.
  7. Initially, give slow ‘butterfly movements’ by slightly lifting the knees and pushing them down. This helps increase flexibility in the hip joint.

Bhadrasana  Benefits:

  •  Bhadrasana is a conditioning asana and helps one prepare for further action.
  • It increases concentration and quietens the mind.
  • Also increases flexibility of the lower limbs.
  • The pose can relieve stiffness of knees, hips and ankle-joints
  • Bhadrasana should be practiced for healthy kidneys, prostrate, and urinary bladder.
  • Tension is released from the spinal coccygeal and sacral regions.
  • Practicing of this posture helps in blood supply to the muscles and ligaments of the uro-genital region.
  • The pelvis and groin muscles are strengthened.
  • Inner thighs get toned up.


  •  Severe arthritis, acute slipped disc and any injuries or surgeries on the legs.
  •  Beginners may find it difficult to practice Bhadrasana and might not be able to maintain the posture for long.
  • This is mainly due to inflexibility of hip joint and thigh muscles. With regular practice, this can be overcome.

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