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Cat Yoga Posture-Marjariasana Reinvigorates the spine and internal organs

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Cat Yoga Posture-Marjariasana

The meaning of the sanskrit word “Marjari” signifies ‘cat’ and “asana” means ‘Pose. Hence this pose as known as Marjariasana or Cat Pose. It is also known by the name Bidalasana beacuse the word Bidal also stands for Cat. After exercising cat pose you’ll experience fresh aliveness and vitality hit your spine. This asana is supported on approximately poses demonstrated by cats, particularly when the cat wakes up after sleeping.

This asana is usually pronounced as mar-jar-ee-ahh-sanna


  1. Come onto the floor on your hands and knees. Bring the hands shoulders width apart and the knees hips width apart. Become aware of the length and quality of the breath.
  2. Inhalation slowly and completely. Open the chest forward, arching the back downward. Feel the tailbone and the crown of the head lifting equally towards the sky. Try to feel every part of the back, every vertebra.
  3. Exhale slowly and completely as you begin to arch the back upward. Tuck the tailbone and the crown of the head moving them towards each other. Use your hands and knees for support in the pose. Try to feel every part of the back, every vertebrae.
  4. Continue to coordinate the breath and the movement of the spine, repeating this sequence and many times as is desirable. When you are ready to stop simply bring the spine back to a neutral position, parallel to the floor.

Benefits of the Cat Yoga Posture:

  • Excellent for creating a supple spine, preventing injury
  • Purifies the blood
  • Reinvigorates the spine and internal organs
  • Relieves tension in the low back
  • The Yoga Cat Pose gives your back, torso, and neck a wonderful stretch.
  • It also gives your digestive organs a gentle massage.


Cat Yoga Posture-Marjariasana  Caution and Modifications for Beginners:

  • Focus on using your hands and knees for support.  Do not strain your back.
  • If you find it difficult to completely round out your back, go only as far as you can and hold the pose.
  • With time, your body will open and you will be able to completely arch your back.
  • Use special caution practicing this yoga posture if you have a neck injury.
  • Always keep your neck aligned with the spine.
  • Do not turn your head toward your navel.





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