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Baddha-padmasana provides peace, purity and stability

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 Baddha – bound ; Padmasana – lotus posture, The asana depicts a tied lotus posture.

This is a variety of Padmasana (Lotus Pose).


Practice of  Baddhapadmasana

1. Sit the way as you do in Padmasana, by touching the abdomen with both the heels.

2. Place your hands behind your back and hold  the toe of the right leg with the left hand and  the left toe with the right hand.
3. Close your eyes and watch your breath calmly.
Benefits :

  •  This asana enhances intelligence and provides peace, purity and stability.
  •  It is good for the spine, chest and for general health.


  • those suffering from stiffness of movement of joints should take adequate precautions
  • Ladies shouldn’t practise it in pregnancy and menstruation

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One thought on “Baddha-padmasana provides peace, purity and stability

  1. the deep valleys along the calves attract cosmic ( and other) energy to themselves

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