July Month Colours Blue, red, greens, silver and yellow,and Daily Colour Meanings

July: Blue, red, greens, silver and yellow

1st Respect – Blue, Fullness

2nd Commitment – Purple, Peace

3rd Mystery – Burgundy, Knowing

4th Confidence – Red, Patience

5th Balance – Orange, Unity

6th Creativity – Yellow, Original

7th Growth – Green, Faith

8th Truth – Blue, Sincere

9th Wisdom – Purple, Reason

10th Impeccability – Burgundy, Worth

11th Strength – Red, Clarity

12th Success – Orange, Poise

13th Vision – Yellow, Discipline

14th Beauty – Green, Account

15th Healing – Blue, Fact

16th Power – Purple, Sense

17th Great – Burgundy, Complete

18th Nurture – Red, Purpose

19th Choice – Orange, Obedience

20th Ceremony – Yellow, Life

21st Change – Green, Action

22nd Proof – Blue, Solid

23rd Real – Purple, Full

24th Grand – Burgundy, Worthy

25th Color – Red, Trust

26th Energy – Orange, Limits

27th Prayer – Yellow, Expectation

28th Courage – Green, Failure

29th Understanding – Blue, Listening

30th Knowledge – Purple, Forgiveness

31st Will – Burgundy, Inner Peace


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