Color Therapy Proper use of colors help to heal ailments

Color Therapy 

Color treatments can be applied to the body in a number of ways to treat diseases. The therapist is aware of the right color to be used to heal a patient.

Color gazing:Gazing at a blue light is known to lower blood pressure by calming the autonomic nervous system, while red light increases blood pressure.
Proper use of colors help to heal ailments.

Colored glass panels, colored light bulbs are used to heal. Patients are bathed in the light that gets filtered in.

People feel good within themselves by wearing colors that has a positive impact on their moods. The use of pleasant colors in the surroundings also has a beneficial effect.

Solarised water is capable of energizing the body. The Sun’s rays are made to pass through a colored glass bottle containing water, for 6-8 hours. The energized water rejuvenates the body after consumption.

Color Visualization:This therapy helps us direct color energy to the body using visualization. Colors can be visualized to instill a sense of well being. Visualize yourself bathed in the colors you wish and allow it to create a positive impact in your body.

Color Breathing:Color breathing exercises can be done in a ‘lying down’ or ‘sitting’ position. Look at the colors that appeal to you. Select the color that best appeals to you and visualize it entering your body.



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