Sasangasana Rabbit Pose Good for the Immune System

Sasangasana  Rabbit Pose

The word “Sasanga” in Sanskrit means rabbit. Hence the posture looks like a rabbit hiding its face due to fear.

Practice of Sasangasana

  • Kneel on the mat like Vajrasana asana, hold the heels with the hands,.
  • Now exhale slowly, bend the body in front.
  • Placed the head between the knee and try to touch the forehead on mat or floor, hold  the heels tight , rise the hips up. Try to forward the body as much as possible
  • Stay in the position for the 30/40 seconds with normal breathing.
  • The soft cloth may be placed under the head if pain feeling.
  • Then inhale slowly and go back to starting position. This pose do 3/4 times.


Benefits : 

  • Maximum extension of the spine increases its mobility and elasticity, and does the same for the back muscles.
  • Spines stretching also expedites the feeding of the nervous system with fresh blood and oxygen.
  • Rabbit Pose relieves tension in the neck, shoulders and back.
  • It helps alleviate colds, sinus problems, and chronic tonsillitis and, through compression of thyroid and parathyroid, rejuvenates those glands as well.
  • Rabbit Pose can also be therapeutic for insomnia, diabetes and depression

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