I spent my whole day with girl who doesn’t love me,

Its Saturday morning,

I am in my home and still crawling on my bed,

I am studying the books for next week exam,

For this day I have no further plan,

Left hand in my pocket & with right  hand I hold the book,

Still reading and walking in my dining hall,

Suddenly I saw my cell the girl name sujata who’ s call,

I don’t know what to do, what books from my hand got to fall,

I don’t know what happen to me, for the moment I forget Me and all,

She says I gotta go to interview,

She also says hope in this moment I am with you,

I just reply please wait for me; I am coming for you,

I reached there she waiting for me,

When I saw her she wearing white top, and blue jeans, but how can I say you are angel for me,

Still I am thinking what she thinks about me,

We move on to next place,

She just staring on my face,

Without even stopping she just talking & talking to me,

We go to restaurant for eating,

After that she walking with me,

When she see me in my eyes,

I am high on the sky,

Strange thing happen when she crosses the road with me,

She separates her hand from me,

I don’t know what she trying to say me,

We spent some time in lonely place,

My memories running in deeper space,

I saw her deep blue eyes,

I am listening her sharp and blunt voice,

Sun goes down and time passed by I know I have no choice,

Now she want to go back to home,

We went in metro,

We reach the last station, I saw tear in her eyes,

When it’s time to leave, she just whispering with her cry,

I know its time to leave,  What my heart still don’t believe,

Now she gone and I stand there alone, now she disappear from my eyes,

I don’t know what to say goodbye or just waiting for my heart cries,

This is all that, I spent my whole day with a girl who doesn’t love me,



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