The Most Romantic Wedding Ideas Specially for You

Most brides spend many hours planning their wedding. Their aim is to create a day that gives lasting memories and a foundation of love and romance.

Romantic Wedding Locations

Churches and gardens are common choices but there are many other places where a wedding can be held with great romantic effect. Here are a few ideas:

  • Farm
  • Beach
  • Boat
  • City rooftop
  • Rustic Lodge
  • Country bed and breakfast
  • Historic home
  • Restaurant

Dreamy Wedding Invitations

Traditional invitations are engraved and folded like a greeting card. These are still used for formal weddings but other forms are acceptable and inspired in part by the scrapbooking craze. Consider using these to create a romantic, personalized invitation:

  • Colored card
  • Foil imprints
  • Vellum overlays
  • Dried flowers
  • Ribbons
  • Embellishments
  • Handwritten by a calligrapher

Capturing Romance with Photography

Photographs are a permanent reminder of a wedding and it is worth paying a professional to do a good job. The photos are normally an assortment of portraits, group poses and spontaneous shots. Ask the photographer to pay special attention to romantic pictures and settings and he will normally do an excellent job.

Wedding Rings with a Difference

Although a traditional engagement ring is a solitaire diamond, there is nothing to stop a bride from choosing a different stone or a clustered arrangement. Other ideas are rings that are bi or tri-color or a plain gold wedding band with engravings of flowers or patterns on the surface.

Romantic Wedding Gowns

Any gown can fall into the romantic bracket by the addition of accessories. White is still the traditional color but pastels are also acceptable. Within these brackets, there is an endless variety of fabrics and styles to suit every age and body-shape. Here are some points to consider when choosing a gown:

  • Season
  • Weight and fall of the fabric
  • Pleats/beading/lace
  • Length
  • Type of veil
  • Buttons or zips
  • Jewellery

Dressing for the Wedding

Getting dressed is an important part of a wedding and many brides ask for photographs to be taken at various stages of preparation. To heighten romance, set aside a special area for dressing and make sure it has several mirrors and good lighting. Other things to consider having on hand are as follows:

  • Soft bath towels
  • Cuddly dressing gown
  • Padded hangers
  • Powders, creams and perfumes
  • A special brush and comb set
  • New underwear

Hair and Makeup

Hairdressers and makeup artists are normally willing to attend to the bride at her home and will bring out the best in her hair, skin and features. Romantic touches include understated makeup with blushing cheeks, and curls, flowers and diamante clips in the hair. Long hair can be fastened into a soft chignon or twist with loose curls framing the face.

Flowers add Romance

Fresh flowers are a feature at most weddings with roses, orange blossoms and gypsophila being the most traditional choices. Wise advice is to use a professional florist and choose flowers that are in season and easily available. Arrangements in the wedding venue and reception hall add elegance, beauty and romance, especially if they follow the theme of the bridal bouquet and bridesmaid’s posies. Consider using rose petals as confetti and making crackers filled with rose petals as wedding favors.

Romantic Wedding Receptions

Make the reception venue into a romantic fairy tale by using glass, crystal, silverware, candles and flowers. White cloths with pastel overlays work well and swags of material over doorways add to the picture.

It takes a combination of materials, effects and accessories to create a romantic wedding day. With careful planning and preparation, a bride can have the romantic wedding of her dreams.


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