Be a Super Human and learn how to Use Your Telepathic Powers

Just like so many other psychic based phenomenon, telepathy is a skill many of us possess to some degree we just have no understanding of how to use it! Telepathy refers to the ability to communicate with others through mind power instead of using verbal communication. During the telepathy how to process transference of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, sensations, and even mental imagery occurs.

Telepathy: How can you recognize it? It’s thought that many people (perhaps even most people) actually have the ability to be telepathic, but may not realize it. For example, “horse whisperers,” and other people who have very strong abilities to communicate with animals, actually communicate telepathically, and know what the animals are thinking.

Twins can often finish each other sentences and carry on entire conversations using only the power of their minds. Even regular siblings can often just look at each other and know what the other is thinking about or feeling. When married couples and lovers are in heightened states, they can sense if the other is in danger, under attack, or has even died. This is telepathy, how can it be explained however?

Sometimes called the “sixth sense,” telepathy may very well be something, just another “sense,” that we all possess. We just have to be able to tap into this skill, access telepathy, how works, and learn what we can use it for. Once we do this, we can develop our own telepathic skills and use them appropriately, too.

Even if you haven’t been trained formally in telepathy, how to use it often comes naturally to people when they are in particularly stressful situations. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to hone telepathic skills in a calm state when you actually want to learn about them. Then, test yourself in such a peaceful situation. You can get a partner, such as a relative or friend, to help you with this. For example, gather some photos or small items together, like pens, rubber bands, or pencils, and then you and your partner should sit down together, facing away from each other in the same room, or in different rooms. Make sure distractions are not present.

One of the things that makes telepathy, how to do it, much easier is to be absolutely present in the now, focused on what’s happening as you’re doing it. One of the partners in your telepathic exercises should be the sender, and the other should be the receiver. The person sending the information should take one of the objects of pictures at a time and then concentrate on sending an image of the item or picture to the receiver. If you don’t want to focus on items or pictures, you can also simply think of mind pictures, words, strong emotions, or colors. You should agree on a signal before you begin your exercises.

The person doing the “sending” will concentrate on sending telepathic messages to the person receiving them, and the receiver will then concentrate on receiving the information sent by the sender. The receiver should be absolutely relaxed such that he or she will be absolutely open to whatever the sender is going to send, including images, emotions, pictures, etc. The receiver can record whatever he or she receives from the sender by writing it down. Or, a sender can simply say that he or she is finished concentrating on a particular item and then the receiver can verbalize what he or she has seen.

When you practice telepathy, how to do it, agree with your partner on a signal beforehand. For example, you can agree that you will simply focus on colors, so that when the receiver says, “Done sending,” or some other similar signal, the receiver can then say the color aloud, such as “green.” Then, the sender can simply say, “yes, or “no,” before moving onto the next thing.

With telepathy, how to do it, it’s a good idea to start with just 10 minutes before you move on to more complex and longer sessions. Each person partnering for the session can spend part of the time being the sender, and part of the time being the receiver. As you become better at this, you can also move onto more complicated images like playing cards, and then send images, the suit of the card, or the number being displayed in your mind for the receiver to note. Keep a record of the sessions you do so that you can keep track and see where you’ve made progress with the development of natural telepathic abilities.

You can also learn telepathy how to without using a partner. As a beginner you can focus on putting out a signal to those you already have a close spiritual or mental bond with to make the telepathic message more likely to be received. With this person in mind, turn your energies to sending them a message or getting them to take an action.

You could focus on getting a family member to call you or planting the idea in the head of your spouse to bring home dessert. Don’t be surprised when the receiver suddenly calls home or alters their daily schedule because of your telepathic message.

Pets are also great ways to learn telepathy, how to master it, because animals are very intuitive and open to this type of process. See how quickly you can pick up on pets’ feelings, such as if your dog is hungry, ill, or uncomfortable.

As you continue to master telepathy, move on to practicing telepathic skills on people you don’t know. For example, you can begin to increase telepathic abilities by focusing on people you are only casually acquainted with, neighbors, coworkers, and others you come in regular contact with but are not close to. Pay attention if you notice that someone is experiencing an intense emotion, and you may be able to sense actual words or thoughts coming from their minds.



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